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Saeco Royal One Touch Cappuccino

Saeco Royal One Touch Cappuccino
Saeco Royal One Touch Cappuccino
Weight: 33 lbs
Brand: Saeco
Solid performance cup after cup with large capacities, the new Philips Saeco Royal is the rejuvenation of a trusted classic. What remains unchanged is the extremely solid performance and the generous tanks for beans, water and coffee grounds. The new Royal Professional One Touch Cappuccino is the most modern Royal available today, quite different from the older Royal Professional, it features a graphic digital screen display and a one touch cappuccino system. A new design from the ground up, easy to operate, quiet and efficient, the most robust product for your home or office! More details...
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List Price: $1,699.00
Price: $1,499.00
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Expected 5/25/15
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Product Details
Saeco Talea Touch Plus Espresso Machine - Saeco Super Automatic Espresso Machine available from aLatteHotte

The new Philips Saeco Royal is the rejuvenation of a trusted classic. What remains unchanged is the extremely solid performance and the generous tanks for beans, water and coffee grounds. The new Royal Professional One Touch Cappuccino is the most modern Royal available today, quite different from the older Royal Professional, it features a graphic digital screen display and a one touch cappuccino system. A new design from the ground up, easy to operate, quite and efficient, the most robust product for your home or office!

*stainless steel milk container shown in video is optional equipment, hoses are standard included equipment*

Features of the New Saeco
Royal Professional One Touch Cappuccino
Keep tabs on your machine, with a quick glance at the digital screen, you will see all the functions and options. Do you want to brew one cup or two? Is your machine in the automatic rinsing or cleaning cycle? Is it grinding or brewing? This versatile machine is also multilingual and can be programmed in English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, or Dutch. One Touch Beverage Selection is a new feature on the Royal Professional One Touch Cappuccino model.
InstaSteam is a new Saeco technology introduced with the new Saeco line. The new Royal One Touch Cappuccino features a simple, press button Cappuccino/Latte function which really streamlines milk based drinks and makes enjoyment several steps easier! Simply press Cappuccino and out comes your custom drink without any fuss! The new Royal features an optional easy cleaning stainless steel cappuccino container, you can siphon milk from any milk carton/ milk container with the new Royal. The cappuccinatore device is dishwasher safe. The new Royal is one of the easiest Saeco super-automatics ever engineered!


Adjustable coffee lenghth and Choose your favourite coffee blend and adjust coffee length and intensity (temperature, prebrewing, strength). Length: you can adjust the amount of brewed coffee according to your taste and/or the size of your cups. Temperature: the machine allows you to adjust via setting menů the temperature of your coffee. Prebrewing: you can adjust via setting menů the time of pre-wetting of the coffee powder into the infusion chamber, in order to extract all the taste. Strength: the machine is set-up for adjusting the strength with the amount of coffee to be ground, using the specific lever on the side.


Need a change in your coffee routine? Just pour your chosen ground coffee into the special pre-ground coffee funnel, which bypasses the coffee beans in the bean hopper. This feature is really practical when there's someone in the crowd who wants a decaffeinated espresso and there are only espresso beans with caffeine in the machine. The ground coffee goes into the funnel and the machine takes care of the rest. When it's finished, it automatically resets back to the beans held in the machine.
BonTemp Heating Surface. Controlled Cup Warming Surface allows your delicious beverages to maintain flavor by retaining heat within your cup. Espresso should always be brewed as hot as possible, the heating surface helps to maintain the integrity of your ceramic and glass cupware. Can be turned on/off.
Simply press the AutoCappuccino button on your Saeco Royal and the machine produces, thick, rich foam into your cup. This feature is completely programmable.
The new Saeco Royal is made completely of thick painted Steel. Beautiful Appearance. Easy to clean!
Energy Safe. If your Saeco machine sits idle, Energy Safe mode is automatically activated. The machine can also be set to stand-by mode to run even more economically.

Optimal conditions for everything: two independent circuits assure quick and convenient coffee preparation directly after frothing your milk.

Softer water for a more robust coffee. With Intenza Filtration the number of flavor-altering substances found in water are reduced, and any micro-particles and impurities are filtered. So you can enjoy the improved flavor and full aroma of your coffee. Intenza also reduces the formation of lime scale in the machine so that it lasts even longer. You may use the Intenza Water Filter with this machine.

The pinnacle of enjoyment starts at its very origin. That’s why we’ve placed a renewed focus on the elements of excellent coffee – infusing our new ideas with our passion for what we do. Ideas that will elevate your enjoyment to a new dimension – that will once again rekindle your love for coffee. More aroma, more purity, more freshness. In each and every cup. To us it is the Saeco Freshness Promise. To your customers it is a new dimension of enjoyment.

The first dimension: More aroma per bean.
The focus behind Saeco's ideas begins with the coffee bean. We elicit from this little marvel of nature every ounce of its aroma. That’s why Saeco is synonymous with state-of-the-art technology conjuring up the most intensive of tastes – an invitation for everybody to join the world of supreme coffee enjoyment.


The second dimension: Crystal clear water for the brewing process.
There’s tap water – and then there’s tap water. Bearing this in mind Saeco also pays concentrated attention to this precious resource. As the world market leader we trust a partner of equal competence: Brita, the world’s number 1 in water filtration. Through this partnership every cup tastes harmoniously well rounded.


The third dimension: Special treatment for our milk.
Fresh milk and creamy froth are the coronation of coffee. So we dedicated all our passion to this pleasure and developed three milk froth concepts ranging from classical to revolutionary. With Milk Island, Touch2Cappuccino and Pannarello you can individually and freshly make your milk froth dreams comes true.


Your one-stop Coffee Shop
Fresh Coffee at the press of a button

Enjoy fresh brewed coffee and espresso beverages at the press of a button with your new Saeco SuperAutomatic Espresso Machine. Simply press any beverage selection of your choice for a fresh cup of joe! From Espresso Macchiato to a delicious cup of Cafe Crema, the SuperAutomatic is going to Grind the beans, tamp the grind and brew your beverage all from one button press! No need to worry about messy ground coffee cleanup, the SuperAutomatic has a built in "dreg-drawer" to hold the spent portions of coffee. Simply fill your bean hopper and water tank and enjoy fresh coffee promptly!

Programming your Espresso Machine

Everything about your new SuperAutomatic can be programmed. You can adjust the doser for a mild cup of coffee to a strong espresso. You can easily adjust the volume of water per selection; easy to program by holding down the specific selection to your satisfaction. For example, you can program a shot of espresso to resemble a strong Italian shot of espresso by moving programing your machine to brew one ounce. Espresso Machines generally have three options that you can program to your liking; Small Cup (espresso shot), Medium Cup (long shot), and Large Cup (cafe crema). After programming your machine, the selection will be memorized for your next use. You can also opt to leave the macine programmed as it is from the factory in Bologna Italy. Fully customizable to be the way you desire it to be!

Simple user maintenance

Philips-Saeco is a synonym for convenience: refilling beans or water, emptying the coffee- dump box or the drip tray, all compartments are directly accessible.

Energy Saving Mode

The Espresso Machine has an energy saving mode that allows it to go into "stand-by" when not in use. Never use the power button on the machine as you can easily wake the product up by tapping the screen. You can also program your machine to awaken just before you do in the morning so that it's piping hot and ready on demand. This feature is very useful, program the machine to turn on at least a half an hour before you are ready to use it and the cup warmer will have your cups toasty for your hot latte! You can also program the machine to turn off at any designated time. All programming options are completely user-adjustable, simply see your manual or navigate through your machine's menu to browse peruse the options available to you.
Aqua Prima Water Filtration
Use the Saeco Aqua Prima water filter to pre-treat the water that enters your Espresso Machine. Protect your investment with these easily replaceable and inexpensive water filters. Simply insert the Aqua Prima water filter into the water tank, prime your machine, and let the filter take care of your machine. No need to purchase expensive bottled water!
Automatic Rinsing Cycle
Your machine can be programmed to perform a rinse every time you wake the machine from energy-saving mode. This process allows the internal piping and brew group to be flushed with hot water prior to making your first cup! The rinsing process also expells any residule coffee left-over from your previous brew, insuring an ultra fresh, clean brew. Your machine is pre-set from the factory to automatically perform the rinse cycle.
Cleaning Cycle

Run a cleaning cycle one a week to flush the brew group of any left-over deposits. Simply insert a Cleanng Tablet in the bypass-doser and run the coffee cleaning cycle. This process will aide in cleaning your brew group. Brew Group should be removed from machine, behind simple access door, and rinsed at the sink once every two weeks or so.

Descaling Cycle

Scale buildup from naturally occurring minerals in your water can build up on sensitive components like the inside of the boiler, which left unchecked can cause considerable damage to the machine. By descaling your machine every two-three months, your machine will last for many trouble-free years. Use ONLY Saeco descaler, available in one year supply boxes, to descale your machine. Easy to use includes easy maintainance: Thanks to the automatic cleaning and de-scaling cycles, you are guaranteed perfect enjoyment every day and maximum longevity for your machine.

Product Specific Details
Built in Water Tank The water reservoir can easily be refilled while it is still on the machine or by removing it with the easy-grip handle and filling it at the kitchen tap. The reservoir is made of clear ABS plastic so checking the water level is a breeze. 82 OZ High Capacity
Internal Dump Box Keeping pounds of beans fresh and ready for grinding is the built in, lidded coffee bean hopper. When the coffee grounds are spent, the machine delivers them to the internal dump box. It is easy to remove and clean. Holds up to 25 spent portions of coffee waste (25 pucks)
Stainless Steel Boiler One of the reasons Saeco productis are great for anything from small commercial settings to home or office use, is their durable 1200 watt stainless steel boiler. It provides for continuous use or a lot of servings over a short time period. 1200 watt "j" boiler, solid weld. Failsafe boiler.
Rotational Base Getting into your espresso machine for cleaning and maintenance is important for the long life of your machine. The swivel base makes it easy to access all sides of your machine. Rotates 360 Degrees. Easy access to water tank, bean hopper, brew group and internal drip tray.
Dosage Controls Some days you need just a bigger kick to your coffee. The Saeco machines have a feature that will allow you to adjust the amount of coffee to be ground for each individual cup. Adjust it from 6.5 grams to 9.5 grams to change the strength of the coffee. 7 grams of ground coffee is the usual amount for espresso, 9-12 grams is used for coffee.
Pre-Infusion Pre-infusion allows you to get maximum flavor from the brewing process. This advanced system takes the newly ground coffee beans from the internal coffee grinder and correctly tamps the coffee. Next comes "pre-infusion". The grounds are pre-soaked and then brewed before being discarded automatically into the internal dump box. The machine then resets itself for the next brewing cycle.
Bean Hopper Capacity Approximately 9 ounces of coffee
Pump Pressure Brews at 15 BAR Self Priming Pump
Power Rating

1250 Watts while powered on and in use 4 watts in "energy saving"

Unit Size 13.2 Length x 14.9 Depth x 17.7 Height measured in inches. Actual dimensions of the machine.
Unit Weight 34 lbs without water or beans

1 Year Factory Warranty
2 Year Extended
Warranty provided by aLatteHotte

aLatteHotte is a certified Saeco Service Center. We include the 2 year extended warranty with all Saeco Espresso Machines. Machine must be properly maintained during your ownership to qualify for any extended warranty work.

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"Excellent machine"

Jason McGehee on 7/23/2013 2:29:05 PM

Positive Product Points: What an awesome machine! Very frothy milk, easy to operate and clean. So glad we went with this one!

Negative Product Points: Machine was on back order for almost a month. Aggravating, but I now know why this machine is so popular. Was just about ready to give up and go with another machine. So glad we didn't.

Commentary: Easy to use, large capacity for both water and coffee beans not to mention great coffee drinks. Well worth the money.

"Love the Cappuccinos and Ease of use"

Kimmy C on 10/16/2012 5:45:14 PM

Positive Product Points: Easy to make cappuccinos and lattes! Large Capaicty Easy to program

Negative Product Points: None yet

Commentary: This is the easiest machine that I have ever used for making coffee and lattes. My older Incanto Sirius worked well for many years and I chose this one for the higher capacity water tank and grounds box. I love making cappuccinos every morning, it's so simple to use and clean. I would really recommend it.


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