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Jura Clearyl BLUE Water Filter 60

Jura Clearyl BLUE Water Filter 60
Jura Clearyl BLUE Water Filter 60
Weight: 1 lbs
Brand: Jura
Jura Clearyl Blue Filter Compatible with Jura ENA Micro 9, Jura Impressa C60, Jura ENA Micro 1, Jura Impressa C9, Jura ENA 9, Jura Impressa Z9, Jura ENA 5, Jura Impressa Z7, Jura ENA 4, Jura Impressa Z6, Jura GIGA 5, Jura Impressa Z5, Jura Giga X7, Jura Impressa F8 (2014+), Jura Impressa C5, Jura Impressa F7, F50 (2013+), Jura Impressa J6, Jura Impressa J9 More details...
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Product Details
Jura Capresso Impressa C9 One Touch from aLatteHotte
Jura Capresso ENA 3

See Compatible Machines below

Features of this Genuine Jura Accessory

I.P.W.S. Integrated Pure Water System : Clearyl filter cartridges can be used in Jura models with I.P.W.S. all of the machines use this system. Based on the professional up-flow principle, they filter out chalk and other substances detrimental to flavour and aroma. JURA recommends the use of Clearyl filters, especially wherever the local water contains more than 170 ppm of chalk. It removes chlorine, lead, aluminum and copper for a better tasting coffee. A special organic additive removes almost all carbon and practically eliminates decalcifying. Each cartridge filters 60 liters of water. To ensure that you always have the best water possible change the cartridge when the indicator light on your ENA Coffee Center illuminates. Jura Impressa models will indicate replacement times by display.

  • The Clearyl filter cartridge was specially developed for Jura coffee machines, it is inserted directly in the water tank.
  • It is filled with organic material only - without chemical additives.
  • The Clearyl filter cartridge protects your machine and increases its life. The Clearyl system filters the causes of limescale and other substances. Water with a high lime content can damage your coffee machine, lime deposits in the heating cartridge or the thermo-block and clogs the water pipes.
  • The water is filtered to leave a much more pure water which will also improve the taste, a coffee is only as good as the water it is made with.

    The Clearyl Water Care Cartridge is an important part of the cleaning process for your Jura-Capresso ENA and Impressa Coffee Machine. See compatible products below for exact fit.

Compatible Products
Jura ENA Micro 9, JURA A9 Jura Impressa C60
Jura ENA Micro 1 Jura Impressa C9
Jura ENA 9 Jura Impressa Z9
Jura ENA 5 Jura Impressa Z7
Jura ENA 4 Jura Impressa Z6
Jura GIGA 5 Jura Impressa Z5
Jura Giga X7 Jura Impressa F8 (2014+)
Jura Impressa C5 Jura Impressa F7, F50 (2013+)
Jura Impressa J6 Jura Impressa J9


Jura Capresso ENA 3

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