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How does Lifetime Maintenance work?
Please keep both of the original boxes that we send your product in along with all packing materials. Once a year, you can use this same pacakaging to send your product to us. We will completely examine and refurbish your Espresso Machine and/or Coffee Center back to factory fresh condition. There is absolutely no cost for this refurbishement and restoration. The only cost to you is shipping to and from our location, which is normally cost effective through a service like UPS or FedEx. Please make sure that you insure your product for original purchase value and package your product well. Please make sure that if you have an Saeco Odea, Saeco Talea, or Saeco Primea that you place the drip plate in the full up position and remove the drip tray prior to shipping to avoid damage to the drip plate.


Ready to send your product to us for the Complimentary Service?
Our address is at the bottom of this screen. Contact us at 800-961-9416 with any questions prior to sending the product. Please include the original sales receipt in the box with your product prior to sending the machine out. If you do not have it, simply call us or Login to your account to view previous orders and re-print the receipt. Please write "Complimentary Maintenance" on the box in black ink, this will allow us to categorize your machine for the appropriate service upon arrival.

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