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THREE Year Comprehensive Warranty

THREE Year Comprehensive Warranty
Weight: 1 lbs
Saeco Three Year Warranty included with select Saeco Espresso Machine products. One Year factory, Two Years Extended! More details...
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Product Details
Saeco One Year Extended Warranty
Saeco Two Year Comprehensive Factory Warranty included with select Saeco Espresso Machine products.
Detailed Product Features

Limited Extended Warranty
This warranty covers all defects in workmanship or materials in the mechanical and electrical parts, arising from usage and care, in this product produced by Saeco and sold by aLatteHotte for the period of one extended year from the manufacturers original warranty period (generally one year). This document will serve as your valid proof of purchase and must be provided prior to any warranty service being rendered. Product is intended for household use only, any commercial use voids the warranty. Products less than one year old must be repaired and serviced by Saeco USA, not aLatteHotte.

Who is covered?
The original purchaser, or gift recipient who can provide proof of purchase from aLatteHotte.

What is not covered?
Improper usage and care can result in mineral buildup which damages the product. aLatteHotte is not responsible for any expense resulting from such damage including transportation, shipping, and repairs resulting from mineral build-up, also known as calcium deposit and lime scale. It is strongly recommended that you descale your machine on a regular basis.

What will be done?
During applicable warranty period under normal household usage and care, aLatteHotte will repair or replace, it its discretion, any mechanical or electrical part which proves defective, or replace the product with a comparable model. The repaired or replacement product is warranted for one year from the original date of purchase or 90 days from the date of repair, whichever is greater.

How can you receive service?
Visit our website at and click on Service Center, choose the link “Sending your product in for Service.” It is important that you download and complete BOTH the Return Procedures document AND the Service Request document. Please include the Service Request document in the actual box of your machine. You May also call 1-800-961-9411 to request service or for more information. Repair or attempted repair by unauthorized persons voids the warranty.

In the event service is required:
Product MUST be within the extended warranty validity period.
Proof of purchase, from aLatteHotte should be photocopied and submitted along with the Service Request Document located in our Service Center at
Product MUST be properly drained and cleaned prior to shipment. Please follow the instructions in the Return Procedures document located in our Service Center at
Carefully package product for PREPAID shipment and insure it with the carrier. We recommend UPS. aLatteHotte is not responsible for any transportation and shipping expenses or damages.
Retain tracking information for your protection in case of loss or damage in shipment.

This Limited Extended Warranty covers products purchased and used within the United States and does not cover:

Damages from improper installation.
Damages in shipping.
Defects other than manufacturing defects.
Damages from misuse, abuse, accident, alteration, lack of proper care and maintenance or incorrect current or voltage.
Damages from service by anyone other than Saeco USA or aLatteHotte.
Any transportation and shipping charges.

Manufacturer makes no warranty, expressed or implied, including without limitation, any warranties of fitness or merchantability, except as expressly set forth above with respect to such products or parts therefore. Nor shall manufacturer have incurred any other obligations or liabilities on its part or be liable for any anticipated or lost profits, incidental damages, consequential damages, time charges or any other losses incurred in connection with the purchase, installation, replacement, or repair of such products or any parts therefore whether original equipment or installed as a replacement covered by this warranty or otherwise. Manufacturer does not authorize any person to assume for manufacturer any other liability in connection with the products or parts therefore. Manufacturer assumes no liability for delay in performing obligations hereunder if failure results, directly or indirectly from any cause beyond its control, including any act of force majeure. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you May also have other rights which vary from state to state.

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